Paint on Rustic Wood Slice


Love the rustic and natural look the wood slice gives? A natural decoration will make your home more beautiful and interesting!

Each wood slice is cut from real pine tree and comes with bark. These wood slices will have cracks due to drying process but they are still unbreakable.

On a slice of wood you can write important date for you, a picture, a name or a passage.

- Price: $320/ workshop/ 3 hours*

- Suitable for: all ages from 9+ **

- All art materials included, i.e. 1 rustic wood slice (approx. 9"-12" in diameter and 1"-1.5" thick), a free flow of quality acrylic paints, brushes, palette, apron, idea books and a soft drink

*     Any 3 hours within opening hours. Add $80 for an additional hour. Advance booking required. 

**  For kids age 3-9 years?  Join the workshop with a parent at $400 (1 adult + 1 kid)!

 Want a private Rustic Wood Slice Painting Party? WhatsApp us at 66951161 for fees and booking.


Chocolart Studio will provide you with learning basic techniques.  i.e.  expert guidance on choosing subject from our idea books,  overview of the basic art supplies,  how to use these materials and getting started,  perfect your painting with 5 mins touch up by our expert!



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