Private Art Party 




Acrylic painting is fun and it's a perfect way to create memories.

Great for a girls' or guys' night out, a birthday party, a farewell party, a baby or bridal shower party or just to get friends or family together!

Everything is provided including fun colors, idea books, plus plenty of encouragement and help from our instructors.

- Duration: Adult's 3 hours Painting on Canvas Party - HK$380 for each artist. HK$50/pax for additional 30 minutes.

- Minimum charge 10 artists, maximum 25 for Wanchai studio.

- 1 Regular size canvas (30cmx40cm), Acrylic Paints, Paint brushes, Aprons, Art Materials & idea books provided, more importantly with guidance from our professional teachers stationed

- Non-painter HK$80/person/ hour

- Photo taking service and studio decoration are all provided

- 2 weeks advance booking required, HK$1700-$1900 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking.

- BYO food & wine welcome!

We can help you organize a cozy painting party, or we can work out a little unique crafty Home Decor workshops, e.g. Découpage on glass plates, DIY painting on tote bags, cushion covers,  rustic wood slices, or wooden boxes are also available! 










Sassy Hong Kong Private Art Party (Sassy HK's Feature)        


  Kid's Birthday Party for Little Artists   


Choco L'art Studio Kids' birthday parties are the best kind of fun for kids. All the materials engage party guests in a wonderful art project to commemorate the big day, and give each child something special to take home. It can be a painting party or a tie-dye party, just tell us your ideas and we will work it out for you!

We can also help you with your kids birthday party's Art Theme and more.

Paint Jamming Party - HK$350 for each little artist (2 hours). HK$50/pax for additional 30 minutes. 

Handcrafts parties also available with different pricing (please call us for quote)

1. 2- hour Tie-dye party - 8 yrs old up (HK$380/kid for 2 items). Tie Dye part will take around 1 hour 15 mins for kids. 

2. 2- hour Clay Party - 3 yrs old up (HK$$350/kid). Clay part will take around 1 hour. 

3. 2- hour Air Plant Terrarium Party - 8 yrs old up (HK$320/kid). Terrarium part will take around 1 hour. 

- Minimum charge 10 little artists - 2 hours / party

- HK$50/pax or additional 30 minutes, HK$80/pax for additional 60 mins.

- Non-painter HK$80/person/hour

- 1 Regular size canvas (30cmx40cm), Acrylic Paints, Paint brushes, Aprons & Art Materials provided

- 2 weeks advance booking required. HK$1500-$1700 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking.

- If Covid or extreme weather makes it not possible to run the workshop, client may reschedule within 6 months, one week notice is required to reschedule due to Covid, deposit once paid is not refundable.

Contact us for more details! 





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