Regular Juniors Art Courses

     Artistic Junior Art Workshop for 9 - 15 years old 

 "Painting is just another way to keeping a diary" - Pablo Picasso


A fun, dynamic and exciting extra-curricular art session designed for young people to discover their creativity through exploring the diverse world of art. Choco L'art Studio will introduce kids to different mediums and tools and to stretch their mind. 

Every course covers a different subject area. Students are introduced to the techniques of Painting, Illustration, Drawing, Clay Sculpture and Collage. They will explore Oil painting (13 yrs old+)acrylic on canvas, oil pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour, charcoal and mixed-media expression

Classes will be structured around a particular project or theme which aims to make art accessible and fun! We hope that, with the skills learnt, students can go on creating their own artwork whenever they feel inspired.

We also provide Art Portfolio Preparation to DSE, IB, GCSE Art students and guidance for Art competitions.

Trial Class 50% off a regular class

- Trial class can be used for one time only

Reschedule is valid for one time within 30 days of first scheduled trial class date.

Artistic Juniors Art Workshop

Flexible Schedule Tuesday 2-7pm, Wednesday to Sunday 10am-7pm

- Course fee: 1 session - $390; 4 sessions - $1,430, 5-sessions - HK$1,685; 8 sessions - $2,530

- 1.5 hours session

- Class size: 4-6 students

- Package validity: 4 sessions for 2 months; 8 sessions for 4 months 

Package Discounts:

One 8-session package gets HK$100 off; Two 8-session packages get HK$300 off

Limited seats. First come first served. To enroll please fill in the online enrollment form.

We provide art workshops for after-school programs and private clubhouse programs. Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 









Adverse Weather Arrangements:

Classes will be cancelled when the Typhoon Signal no. 8 is raised and/or the Black Rainstorm warning is in force. If Typhoon Signal no. 8 and/or the Black Rainstorm warning is lowered before 12noon, we will open the studio at 2:00pm. We will try to arrange for make-up classes where possible (subject to the availability of studio space and teaching staff). No refunds will be given for classes cancelled under these staff). No refunds will be given for classes cancelled under these circumstances. Please WhatsApp us at +852 6695 1161 to reschedule. Thank you!







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