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星球蠟燭保鮮花禮盒 工作坊 Planet Candle Preserved Flower Workshop 



星球蠟燭保鮮花禮盒 工作坊 

費用: HK$680/位  (1個 7cm 蠟燭, 包括所有材料, 2款顏色)

工作坊時間: 3-4 小時
加 HK$100/ 第 2 個 7cm 蠟燭
工作坊時間: 3- 4 小時
每人費用: HK$620/位 (1個 7cm, 包括所有材料, 2款顏色)
工作坊時間: 3-4 小時
加每人HK$100/第 2 個7cm 蠟燭
工作坊時間: 3- 4 小時
WhatsApp +852 66951161 預约. 需先付全數, 不可退還.
Learn how to make a scented Planet candle with step by step instructions. 
Design a beautiful gift box with handmade candle and decorate with preserved flowers. Optional to add final touches on the box cover with acrylic paints! 

- Fees: HK$680/person (One 7cm candle, 2 colors; includes all art materials) Duration: 2-2.5 hours 

- Add HK$100 for the second  7 cm (Duration 3-4 hours)

Please kindly note it will take up to 2  hours for the candle to set so we recommend to pick up on a different day.

Companion Offer: (Bring a friend)

HK$620/person for one 7cm candle (Duration: 2-2.5 hours)

HK$100/person for the second 7cm candle (Duration 3-4 hours)

WhatsApp us at +852 66951161 for booking. A non-refundable full payment is required to confirm the booking.












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