Preserved Flower Glass Workshop


 **Please WhatsApp +852 66951161 to book **



Come join our Preserved Flower Glass Workshop to create an unique floral gift for your loved one. Our instructor will show you the basics of creating a beautiful floral arrangement for your chosen glass vessel. 

*We use roses from Earth Matters Japan and Verdissimo Colombia*



 3 Glass vessels available until stock lasts. 


- Glass Ball with wooden base (LED string lights included) 

Size: 15cm diameter

2 Roses (3.5cm-4.5cm) and 1 rose (2-3cm)


- Glass Dome with wooden base (LED string lights included)

2 Roses (3.5cm-4.5cm) and 1 rose (2-3cm)

Size: ~12cm (w) x 18cm (h)


- Glass Dome with glass base

1 Rose (4-5cm) and 2 roses (3.5-4.5cm)

Size: ~11cm (w) x 20cm (h)


Special Price: HK$580/person

All materials included (One vessel, floral foam, 3 Roses ("Earth Matters/Verdissimo"), filler flowers and tools)  

Gift packing included.


WhatsApp booking +852 66951161 to reserve a seat. (Full payment required to upon booking)











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