Design & Handcraft Series

Alcohol Ink workshop 酒精墨水工作坊 


Learn how to create beautiful alcohol ink art with step by step instructions. 

- Fees: HK$300/person (One A5 paper, paper frame, inks, alcohol and tools included)

- Companion offer: HK$200 for the second person.


WhatsApp us at +852 66951161 for booking. A non-refundable full payment is required to confirm the booking.


費用: HK$300/位  (A5卡纸連相框, 酒精墨水)

工作坊時間: ~1.5 小時
 二人同行: 加 HK$200
WhatsApp +852 66951161 預约. 需先付全數, 不可退還.











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