Floral Jamming Painting

Tired of duplicating a photo? Want to enjoy art jamming in an environment with flower fragrance? Join Floral Jamming & Painting by Choco L’ART at the weekends!

A crossover of floral jamming and art jamming will blossom in the course. No worries if you have no experience of floral arrangements. Our floral designer will be providing you tips and ideas, while our painting coach will guide on the canvas painting.

Floral Jamming & Painting is an ideal activity for family gathering at the weekends! Come to join us and you can take both of your floral creation and the art masterpiece home!

- Participants: 4-6

- Duration: 3 hours/ session

- Fee: $420/ session

- 1 set of floral material with a gift box

- 1 canvas with your own sweet message painting (10cm x 10cm) included

- Acrylic Paints, Paint brushes, Aprons, Flowers and Art Materials & Idea Books provided

- 1 week advance booking required


Medium of Instruction: Cantonese / English/ Mandarin 


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Art Flower Bouquet / Gift Box for sale

Other than art areas, Choco L'ART also provides satisfaction to our customers through floral products. We offer flower bouquets or gift boxes with fresh flowers purchased every days (plastic flowers are also available upon request). This ensures our designs consist of only the freshest and most desirable flowers our customers want.

All our floral products are exclusively designed by our creative floral & gift designers.

A small canvas (10cm x 10cm or other requested size) with tailor-made sweet message is included.

Price: $300 - $500, depending on your own chosen flower bouquets or gift boxes. 5 days advance order is required. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and orders.